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contract Terms and conditions


Puer Fons agrees to:

  • To offer products, starter kits, literature and the like to the Ambassador.

  • To compensate the Ambassador, who has personally shared Puer Fon's career opportunity with active Ambassador, with monthly bonuses. This presupposes that the Ambassador himself is active. The bonus will be based on, from level two and upwards, purchases of consumer goods made by the Ambassador's active Ambassadors in several stages. The bonus is a compensation for training, leading and motivating other Ambassadors.

  • That the size of the bonus is determined by the current business plan. The right to receive bonuses for sharing Puer Fon's career opportunity is provided that both the person sharing the career opportunity and the new Ambassador are active. The activity criterion is stated in the current career plan.

  • Puer Fons reserves the right to change the system, points system, products, levels and other within general operation. Any changes that are made will be notified to those who are affected by the changes within a reasonable time. 

  • That no geographical district in countries where Puer Fons AS has the right to distribute can limit the Ambassador's sales opportunity and ability to share Puer Fons career opportunity.

  • That the Ambassador's sales opportunities are not limited by geographical districts in the country to which his / her agreement applies.

  • That the Ambassador has reached the age of 18 when he / she signs this agreement.

The Ambassador agrees to:

  • To market and sell Puer Fons 'products

  • To buy Puer Fons' products and resell these at prices set by Puer Fons.

  • To maintain the highest possible standard towards its customers and other Puer Fons Ambassadors when it comes to integrity, honesty and responsibility. 

  • To present Puer Fons' products in a credible and serious way.

  • To take responsibility for advance tax, social security contributions, value added tax and the like in accordance with Norwegian law and its role as a self-employed person.

  • To buy a starter kit from Puer Fons or from an Ambassador.

  • To present Puer Fons career opportunity in a sincere and credible way, accept the responsibility it entails to share Puer Fons career opportunity, and to offer its Ambassadors the training they need.

  • That Puer Fons AS does not accept repurchases.

  • That Puer Fons AS reserves the right to continue to deliver goods to the Ambassador's customers if the current Ambassador resigns as a consultant. This means that Puer Fons AS can help customers find a new consultant.

  • That Puer Fons AS can provide the Ambassador's contact information at the request of potential customers who wish to get in touch with a consultant.

  • That all information and graphic material about Puer Fons, including the company as a whole, you as Ambassador provide, must correspond with current information and graphic material provided by Puer Fons. You are responsible for keeping up to date on what is current information and current graphic material.

  • The Ambassador may not, on behalf of Puer Fons, provide information about Puer Fons products or services or speak on TV, radio, press, printed material or other means of communication without the written consent of Puer Fons. If the Ambassador is contacted by such media, the intermediary shall refer to Puer Fons.

  • Following Puer Fons' guidelines

  • To read through and accept Puer Fons AS's current business plan (career step), privacy statement, information on the use of the privacy statement, data processor agreement and agreement on joint processing responsibility. The ambassador also agrees to follow changed terms in the business plan / career plan. It is the Ambassador's own responsibility to monitor changes in this plan.

  • That Puer Fons AS stores the Ambassador's name, social security number, address, e-mail address, telephone number, delivery, payment and purchasing information as well as customer register and history. This information will only be used by Puer Fons AS to communicate and cooperate with the Ambassador, and will not be disclosed to others. Puer Fons AS reserves the right to retain the information about the Ambassador if the current intermediary terminates its agreement. The ambassador may request an extract from the register or correction / deletion of any incorrect information about himself, in writing and free of charge.

  • Should an extraordinary situation occur which is beyond the parties' control which makes it impossible to fulfill obligations under this agreement, and which according to Norwegian law must be regarded as force majeure or data related problems / situations, the other party shall be notified of this as soon as possible. The obligations of the affected party are suspended for as long as the extraordinary situation lasts. The other party's consideration is suspended for the same period. In connection with force majeure and computer system-related situations, the parties have a mutual duty to inform each other about all matters that must be assumed to be of importance to the other party. Such information shall be provided as soon as possible. If the situation lasts longer than 6 months, the parties have the right to terminate the agreement, by notifying the other party in writing.
    This clause also means that the parties do not have the opportunity to sue in cases of force majeure or computer system-related situations.

  • If the Ambassador violates the contract or applicable regulations in Puer Fons, Puer Fons may terminate the agreement with immediate effect.