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Partner: Adopt Chios Mastiha trees

Lenia Ziglaki went from a stable career as an architect to devoting all her time to growing and preserving mastic and olive trees, together with her partner and engineer, George Konstantelias.


According to her, it was a pretty tough challenge and a difficult decision to leave architecture to engage in agriculture. The basic agricultural methods used in the work with the matsika trees include everything from pruning the trees, enriching the soil, spreading pure white clay under the trees, drilling through the bark and cleaning and washing the matsika drops. And this is just some of the work that needs to be done during the year. 


“But having been brought up in a family of Chios Mastiha growers, I have realized that the Chios Mastiha scented family house at the time of cleaning and washing it, my family 'toil carved on their faces as well as the joy when the cleaned Chios Mastiha was ready to be delivered to the Chios Mastiha Growers Association, cannot be forgotten. ”


So in 2018, they decided to start farming in one of her family-owned areas, called Mesa Didima. Not long after, other people around them also left their mastiha areas that lay desolate. In their own words "we are happy to see our trees alive and productive". It is a very special, indescribable feeling to see that the trees are taken care of and are well-kept and fertile. This is very much appreciated by the people of Chios.


So, the whole environmental project Adopt Mastiha Chios trees is driven by love for the island and its irreplaceable trees.


That is why we have established a partnership with these people. To help Lenia and her project take care of the completely unique mastihat trees.



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