Have you heard of Mastiha?

This is a sap extracted from the mastic trees on the Greek island of Chios. This is an ingredient that has been used for cleansing, gastrointestinal and for beauty for thousands of years in the Mediterranean.

Seven kilometers from the coast of Asia Minor you will find the Greek island of Chios. This is actually the fifth largest of the Greek islands, but the island is not, and never has been, dependent on tourism in the same way as other islands in Greece. Therefore, this is the place to go if you want a real and genuine Greek experience. The reason for the island's economic independence is because large parts of the island's population are employed and financially taken care of by the island's extraction and production of Mastiha.

Mastiha, "tears of Chios", or Mastiks as it is often called in Norwegian, is a sap extracted from the Mastik tree. This is a type of wood that is widespread throughout the Mediterranean, but because Mastika is a proprietary PDO food (Protected Designation of Origin), in the same way as Champagne and Parma ham, the production and extraction of the sap takes place mainly on the south side of the island of Chios.

Mastic as a commodity has been very central in Chio's rich history of exports and shipping. Sevjen has been used by everything from emperors, army commanders and sultans, and sevjen has also been known as a luxury item along trade routes. It is also claimed that Mastika was used as a means of payment during the Ottoman Empire, and was worth its weight in gold.


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