How to succeed as an Ambassador?

How to succeed as an Ambassador?

Start your own business with Puer Fons.

Share your experiences with our exclusive products in beauty and health.

As an Ambassador with us, you have the opportunity to realize your dreams. Here at Puer Fons, we are passionate about creating an environment with like-minded people, and making life meaningful and rewarding!


Credibility and relationship are two very important keywords when it comes to sales. By sharing your true experiences of the products, you will create a sense of security for the customer.


Set smart goals. The best sellers set goals and write them down and make them visible. They know that goals make it possible to adapt their actions along the way and let their goals control how they prioritize their everyday lives and sales work.


Use your time and resources properly. Add good and correct routines that give you positive energy. Focus on what really matters, and let the other go. We at Puer Fons believe that when passion and purposeful work come together, you will find the best version of yourself!


Follow the customer's decision process. Follow the customer's decision process. Although you may already know what the customer wants and needs, it is important to inform and tell about all our quality products. Additional sales are fun!


Believe in progress. Have faith in the process, have faith in when you are surrounded by people who are motivating and inspiring then anything is possible. We will provide everyone with the same tools needed to succeed, but do not forget to use the resources of skilled Ambassadors that we have in our company.


Invest in networks, communities and relationships. In our network, we have many talented people who share their experiences and skills needed to run a business in an uplifting and innovative way. This is one of the main values ​​we have in Puer Fons! Sharing is caring!


Why should you become an Ambassador at Puer Fons?

Sell ​​great products to people and tell about the business opportunity to those who are curious. Like that. Now you have laid the foundation for your future business and income.

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