Direct sales

Direct sales



Direct sales, active follow-up and commitment form the basis for a customer base. In today's market, sales consultants or Ambassadors with direct contact to the customer are the most valuable tool for any business. Direct selling is about selling goods or services to your own portfolio of customers. The advantages of direct sales are that the customer gets a personal experience of a sales process, with a personal touch of follow-up from an Ambassador.

Direct sales is about creating a customer base that the individual Ambassador follows up. Here you have the opportunity to work on several different platforms, whether you sell directly to customers or via social media. The advantage of this way of reaching customers is that customers feel more taken care of and satisfied. As a direct seller, there is no limit to what you can earn or how many customers you can have in your portfolio. It requires no education or experience. With ambition and courage, you will reach new heights.


Why should you become an Ambassador at Puer Fons?

Sell ​​great products to people and tell about the business opportunity to those who are curious. Like that. Now you have laid the foundation for your future business and income.

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