Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

All labels contain a list of ingredients that informs about the contents of the product in question. You will also find information about the ingredients in the various products on our website. Please note that the content of a product is subject to change, and that it will always be the information you find on the ethics of the respective product that is applicable.

We produce and provide all the marketing materials you need to run your business. Therefore, it is not permitted to produce a separate material

All our dietary supplements fall under the Foodstuffs Act and the cosmetics legislation. In short, the Foodstuffs Act consists of only approved and registered claims being allowed to be used. Today, there are only a limited number of claims about vitamins and minerals that are approved. Read more in a separate document

All forms of purchased advertising on the Internet connected to Puer Fons, both the products, the business opportunity and the general trademark are prohibited. Marketing and recruitment should only take place on your own accounts. That is, yours, for example, on your own Facebook page, or on your own Instagram account. If you are creating exciting and interesting posts that others will share, then it's ok, but you should not encourage people to share or like your posts and offer benefits to do so. You can also not boost social media posts.

You must have read and signed the intermediary contract. You must have purchased and received the starter pack. You must have set up a sole proprietorship and have your own organization number. Puer Fons must have approved you as a mediator. You must also be older than 18 years. This also means that it is not allowed for children or young people to sell Puer Fons' products at school or in sports associations and the like, even if it is for income for the class or club.

When registering your business, you have several options. You can search for "how to create a sole proprietorship" online, and create the company via Norwegian websites that provide quality checking of information, and who create the company for you, where the last thing you need to do is sign in Altinn. Another possibility is to fill in a separate form in Altinn, and then send a coordinated register message to the Brønnøysund registers.

Clinical studies or research specifically targeting pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and nursing children have not been performed. It is not morally justifiable to test products on pregnant and breastfeeding women and expose them to unnecessary risk. Recommendations in this area are therefore cautious. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and want to use cosmetic products or supplements, we therefore recommend that you consult a midwife or doctor.

If you shop at Puer Fons, you have the right to cancel for 14 days from the day after the item is received.

The head office of Puer Fons is located in Tønsberg. Rambergveien 1, 3115 Tønsberg

Why should you become an Ambassador at Puer Fons?

Sell ​​great products to people and tell about the business opportunity to those who are curious. Like that. Now you have laid the foundation for your future business and income.

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